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Tital-Kamal Sadanah Family History.

“Kamal Sadana” will be the 90’s round chocolate hero who stepped into Bollywood when action films dominated, trying to make his mark as a romantic hero by breaking the image of Kamal Action Heroes. They had been successful to a great extent and by now all the films were getting hit, but one day it suddenly disappeared from the film world. Currently, it has passed the stage of acting, and with the passage of time, people have their films The memories of this have also become blurred but friends, you know all about them but hardly you will know about their family history that they also belong to a film family, apart from this, there are many more people in their family. Those who have made their contribution in the film industry and they had chosen the career of the film industry after leaving from the same family, so in this video of our day, we will get you acquainted with all the members of their family. If you want to know too, then stay with us till the end of this video and along with this handsome For the actor, don’t forget to like our video.

Da Lost Hero “Kamal Sadana” He came from a film family and was born to Bollywood’s best producer “Brij Sadana” and actress “Saida Khan”, his father was Hindu, and his mother was a Muslim, his father was not from a film family. He chose his career as a producer after he grew up and emerged as a famous and successful producer from the 1960s to 1980s on the strength of his hard work. He had “two brothers”, “This night will not come again” and, “Victoria No. 203 “superhit films
After becoming a successful producer, she was married to the famous actress of her time, “Saeeda Khan”, who worked as an actress in many hit films like “Char Darvesh” and “Apne Hath Jagannath”. Love was marriage, after marriage, both of them became parents of two children, including a daughter “Namrata” and son “Kamal”, but in an accident Kamal lost his entire family, in fact, Kamal’s 20 On the birthday when Kamal’s father shot his mother and sister in a fit of rage, after that he shot himself and ended him forever after losing his family in this accident. But he handled himself and grew up in life.

Now let’s talk about the star of this family “Kamal Sadana”, he was born on 21 October 1970 in Mumbai, so all his studies were done on this.

If he talks about his film career, then he was interested in acting since childhood, so his father was about to launch him with his film, but if he left before this world, then he worked in the Bollywood industry on the strength of his hard work. He started his career, he acted as the lead actor in the film “Bekhudi” in the year 1992 and made his Bollywood debut with this film, he played his character in this film very well but his film could not show much. But many other producers were impressed by his good performance and offered him work in his films which he accepted well and did well in all those including “Rang”, “Foz”, “Bali age Ko Salaam”, ” Hum Sab Chor Hai “,” Rock Dancer “and” Angara “included many films, but most of these films were flops, due to which their career graph kept falling down, which is why they quit acting and started their career in filmmaking. In this way, he started films like “CID” and “Victoria Number 203”. He also directed films like “Cancer” and “Sher: – Tiger of the Sundarbans”, but after becoming a producer, director and actor, he did not get any success, so he left the film industry forever. Lee and living abroad as a businessman and living a happy life with his family

After professional life, talk about her personal life, then tell you that she has loved only one girl in her career and today she is his wife, whose name is “Lisa John”, before leaving the film industry, she is a makeup artist. Married and left the film industry and settled abroad with them, today both of them have two children, a son and a daughter, whose daughter is named “Lia” and the son is named “Angad”. While studying, Kamal often shares his family time pictures with his family, in which he is seen having fun with his family.

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