19 Best Products for Cat Health and Wellness in 2022


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The health of a cat is closely intertwined with its quality of life. The more enrichment cats have day to day, the more physically and mentally resilient they are likely to be year after year. Enrichment encompasses the opportunities they have to practice natural, instinctive behaviors like hunting, chasing, and scratching.

Combine those things with high-quality nutrition, preventive health measures such as brushing the teeth and coat, and stress-free choices for using the litter box and resting, and you’ve got the necessary building blocks for a lifetime of good cat health.

With the guidance of two veterinarians — Andrea Sanchez and Heidi Cooley of Banfield Pet Hospital — we’ve narrowed down what cat owners can do to ensure a lifetime of good health for their cats. 

Here are 19 of the best products to maintain your cat’s health and wellness:

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