4 बच्चो की माँ बनने के बाद भी रवीना टंडन के हैं ऐसे शौक! Ravina Tandon Hobbies


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4 बच्चो की माँ बनने के बाद भी रवीना टंडन के हैं ऐसे शौक! Ravina Tandon Hobbies

The society is always there to judge every single action and step of yours and find flaws in them. No matter, how genuine and honest your action would be there will be people who would question your integrity. Girls are bought up with millions of do’s and don’ts in our culture only because of log kya kahenge.

This thought has made so many of us do things which we would forbid doing, but nonetheless, that is how society makes us function. The mothers of this era are the ones, who always try to find a balance between the kids and their upbringing without discriminating them. Bollywood’s Shehar Ki Ladki, Raveena Tandon is one fine mother, who has not only created harmony between her adopted and biological kids but also has passed her wisdom to them, creating a perfect balance.

Raveena Tandon had walked down the aisle and had gotten married on February 22, 2004, with Anil Thadani. However, Raveena is not just known for her acting skills, dance moves and enthusiastic nature, but also for inspiring everyone by adopting two girls, Chhaya and Pooja Tandon at the age of 21. Apart from two adopted daughters, she has two biological kids, Ranbir & Rasha Thadani. Thus, she is blessed with 4 kids, and what could be more magical than that. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Raveena interacted with SpotboyE and talked about her motherhood journey.

Raveena talked about the equation she shared with her daughters, Chhaya and Pooja after adopting them, and said, “We discussed everything under the sun. From boyfriends, crushes, my life- good or bad. I told them learn from my mistakes, I told them whatever was happening in my life. Got them ready for the reality, never sugar coated the world to them.” When asked, how she managed her daughters when they were growing up, Raveena shared the late-night culture that she has at her home. “I have given my daughters the freedom of keeping the company they want, but have always told them, whoever is coming to drop you home, should come upstairs and meet me.”

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