5 Best Tree Skirts in 2022


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A Christmas tree skirt is the best way to hide a clunky plastic or metal tree stand that no one wants to see. They also catch needles your tree might shed and provide a nice backdrop for your presents.

Tree skirts come in all different sizes, colors, and patterns, and it can be overwhelming to find one that’s just right. If you’re the type of person who likes to switch up Christmas decorations each year, we found a reversible tree skirt so you can have some variety. For those who prefer classic colors and fabrics or something more trendy, our top picks for Christmas tree skirts won’t disappoint. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches home products.

Here are the best Christmas tree skirts in 2022:

Best Christmas tree skirt overall: Classic Velvet Tree Skirt, $89 at Pottery Barn
The Pottery Barn Classic Velvet Tree Skirt is a timeless red tree skirt that you can personalize with your family’s name. 

Best budget Christmas tree skirt: Wondershop Fair Isle Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt, $30 at Target
You can get your money’s worth with the Wondershop Fair Isle Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt, which has festive patterns on each side. 

Best traditional Christmas tree skirt: Classic Plaid Tree Skirt, $69.95 at L.L.Bean
Plaid is a quintessential Christmas pattern, and this L.L. Bean Classic Plaid Tree Skirt is traditional and timeless in the best way. 

Best large Christmas tree skirt: Luxe Embroidered Velvet Tree Skirt, $139 at Balsam Hill
For those who like to get larger Christmas trees, the Balsam Hill Luxe Embroidered Velvet Tree Skirt will beautifully complement tall trees. 

Best faux fur Christmas tree skirt: Wondershop Faux Fur Tree Skirt, $45 at Target
The Wondershop Faux Fur Tree Skirt is glamorous and chic, especially if you have a flocked Christmas tree.

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