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The Lords of Order.

Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate

Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate.

Warner Bros.

Although “Black Adam” isn’t the first time Doctor Fate has made his way into live action (thank you, “Smallville”), Pierce Brosnan defined the character for the DCEU.

Thankfully, “Black Adam” doesn’t get bogged down in giving complete backstories for every single hero that shows up in the film, it just introduces them and allows them to ingratiate themselves with the audience.

But there are smaller moments that help newer fans get to know them a little better, and Doctor Fate briefly mentions that he works for the Lords of Order, a mystical group of beings from a higher plane of existence in the universe. They govern magic and the way it’s used in the DC Universe, using Doctor Fate to keep a balance between them and their villainous counterparts: the Lords of Chaos. 

The spirit of one of the lords, Nabu, exists in Doctor Fate’s helmet and it’s that which gives Kent Nelson (Pierce Brosnan) his abilities. The helmet has been worn by a number of characters over the years in the comics, as the Lords of Order pick a new candidate to carry the Doctor Fate mantle when the previous one dies. It’s currently owned by a recent addition to the DC Universe: Khalid Nassour. 

Since Kent dies at the end of “Black Adam,” it’s not impossible that Warner Bros. could introduce a newer, younger Doctor Fate in a future movie.

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