8 Podcasts to Help Increase Motivation


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  • Podcasts are an excellent way to inspire motivation in work, hobbies, relationships, and more.
  • Motivation is scientifically linked to happiness, work success, and emotional connection.
  • The below podcasts are all either hosted by, or guest star, experts in their respective fields.

Whether you want to improve your mental health, relationships, or finances, all types of growth require motivation — but not all forms of motivation are created equal. 

Motivation can be driven by external factors — like preventing conflict or impressing your friends, but it can also come from within. This involves taking action simply because you find it meaningful or satisfying, says Marie-Helene Pelletier, a licensed psychologist and professional speaker in Vancouver, Canada.

Intrinsic motivation (or motivation from within)  is more likely to result in better, more consistent results. As you gain momentum, you’ll gain confidence, and that will only move you closer to your goal. “Ultimately, taking action, or active coping is a key component of self efficacy, which often will increase self-motivation,” she says. 

One way to reconnect with your values and goals? Listen to someone talk about or teach about something you’re interested in.

Ahead, eight podcasts to boost your motivation and kickstart your personal growth.

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