8 TikTok Parenting Hacks From Shannon Doherty


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  • Shannon Doherty is the face behind @athomewithshannon, a popular parenting TikTok and Instagram account.
  • Doherty shared with Insider her favorite tricks for organizing, mealtime, and even getting kids to eat vegetables.
  • She uses stickers, shoe organizers, and laundry baskets to teach her kids independence.

Shannon Doherty started posting mom hacks on TikTok featuring her four children on social media in the early days of the pandemic lockdown. 

Doherty’s philosophy on parenting is all about teaching her kids independence. “Everyone is born with their own personality, their own skills, something unique to them, and as a mom, I’m trying to allow each to be who they are and grow from that,” she said. She told Insider there are so many opportunities to learn independence, and how important it is for skill-building. 

Many of her hacks are visually oriented for the benefit of her kids and herself. “I need to see things. I like to see them organized. I like to see them within hand’s reach so that they’re in my face. And I just noticed that with my kids leaving organized, and out there, visibly, easier for them to play with has seriously changed. Even just the way they organize or play with things.” Learn more about the tips and tricks Doherty shared with Insider below. 

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