A Timeline of Kanye’s Lyrics and Statements About Slavery


In 2018, West retroactively added a line to his song “I Thought About Killing You”: “Buckwheat ass n****, it’s ‘gon be otay / Sorry, but I chose not to be no slave”

Kanye West ye album cover

Album cover of “ye,” released in 2018.

GOOD/Def Jam

In June 2018, less than a week after dropping his eighth album “ye,” West added a new line to his opening track, “I Thought About Killing You.”

The addition — about choosing not to be a slave — came a month after his explosive interview with TMZ.

In the song, West explores the theme of mental strength, alluding to his contemplations of suicide. In 2016, West was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which he called his “superpower” in his song “Yikes.”

West’s lyrics capture him trying to overcome mental illness “through the power of positive thinking,” according to Watts.

Similarly, “he may actually believe that thinking differently about slavery actually changes things like history. Thinking things into a different reality,” Watts said.

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