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All the Chaotic Highlights From Floyd Mayweather’s Win Over Deji


  • Deji had the least amount of pedigree of any Floyd Mayweather opponent.
  • However, the creator still managed something the heaviest hitters couldn’t do to the boxer.
  • Though he lost decisively, Deji still gave Mayweather a considerable bruise. 

Though Floyd Mayweather stopped Deji in an exhibition Sunday, the content creator did something few people have ever done — he left the boxing icon with a serious bruise.

Mayweather retired from pro boxing in 2017 with a flawless 50-0 record built on a legacy of superior defensive acumen. During his prime years, Mayweather embodied the philosophy of hitting and not getting hit in return.

Despite fighting heavy hitters like Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo, Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao, and Conor McGregor, Mayweather was never knocked down and hardly ever seemed to look like he’d been in a fight.

Deji, the 25-year-old brother of YouTuber and internet celebrity KSI, had the least amount of fighting pedigree of all who have ever sat across the ring from Mayweather. Deji even had a losing record of three defeats against a sole win.

Content creator Deji.

Photo by Getty Images

And so, at a Global Titans event in Dubai, a boxing legend with 50 fights and five exhibitions to his name, finally took a lump from the unlikeliest of opponents.

Of course, it did little to alter the outcome of the fight. Throughout the event, Mayweather was in complete control.

He danced his way around Deji, bamboozled him with his movement and when he decided it was time to close the show, he forced a referee stoppage after throwing a volley of power punches.

Jake Paul attended the event and was targeted by multiple challengers

One of the original YouTuber-turned-boxers, Jake Paul, was ringside for part of the show, and even provided commentary for Tommy Fury’s match against Rolly Lambert.

Rather than offer insight and analysis, Paul used his time in the booth to berate Fury instead, yelling: “You have no dick.”

Fury’s dad, John Fury, who was shirtless at the time, appeared to take umbrage with Paul’s trolling, and seemingly challenged Paul to a fistfight against “a king of the bare knuckle.”

Paul eventually replied: “Nobody likes you. You’re embarrassing. You’re a fat, miserable, old man.”

Watch some of the chaos right here:

Fury wasn’t the only person trying to square up to Paul, as kickboxer and far-right personality Andrew Tate also engaged the 25-year-old with a face-off.

It is unclear if Paul will fight Tommy Fury, John Fury, or Tate next, but he’ll likely never get his hands on Mayweather.

In an Instagram story, Paul claimed Mayweather refused to walk to the ring if he was still ringside and so Jake said he had to head backstage in order for the event to continue.

Paul fought last month, overcoming UFC legend Anderson Silva in what was likely Paul’s toughest challenge to date.


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