animation motion pictures with english subtitles to be taught english – be taught english via cartoon


animation movies with english subtitles to learn english – learn english through cartoon.

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Why Learn with Cartoons?

So you’ve decided to watch a children’s cartoon to improve your English. That’s a great idea! Here’s why:

* Voice actors on cartoons enunciate clearly. That means they pronounce their words well so that everyone can understand them.

* Many children’s cartoons focus on social interactions, so you can hear some real world conversations and phrases.

* Children’s cartoons use words that are simple enough for low level English learners to understand, but also throw in plenty of challenging new words for more advanced learners.

* If you’re watching a show for very young children, these shows are often repetitive—they repeat words, phrases and even whole sentence structures.

* They’re usually short, about 20 minutes long. Sometimes each episode is split into two halves of 10 minutes each.

* There are cartoons that are made specifically for learning new words and phrases!

* Cartoons are perfect if you’re looking for a fun way to learn. And speaking of fun…

They’re fun to watch!

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