Antibes Old Town – 🇫🇷 France – 4K Walking Tour


Wandering in the beautiful old town of Antibes on the Mediterranean, Cote d’Azur coast. Click here ▶ to see highlights and guide.

(From Wiki):
Antibes is a Mediterranean resort in the Alpes-Maritimes department of southeastern France, on the Côte d’Azur between Cannes and Nice.

Traces of occupation dating back to the early Iron Age have been found in the areas of the castle and cathedral. Remains beneath the Holy Spirit Chapel show there was an indigenous community with ties with Mediterranean populations.

Antibes was founded by Phocaeans from Massilia. As a Greek colony (and later Roman) settlement, it was named Antipolis
“Cross-City” from its position close to Nice. Current research suggests that Antipolis was founded relatively late (4th century BC), to benefit from the protection of Marseille with its trade routes along the coast and strongholds like Olbia at Hyères, and trading posts such as Antipolis itself and later Nikaia; it is mentioned by Strabo

Excavations in the old town have discovered well-preserved houses showing some luxury. Among them, the most monumental are those in the rectory garden of rue Clemenceau. These show a comparable level to that of the Gallo-Roman domus such as those of Saint-Romain-en-Gal. Large parts of the floor mosaic are organised around a courtyard with a marble fountain. The building dates from the late third century, although parts date from the end of the Hellenistic era or the end of the Roman Republic.

Date recorded: September, 2019
Weather: ⛅ 17C | 63F
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Highlights timestamps (☉ Street/Road | ★ Highlight):

▶(0:22) Rue de la République ☉
▶(1:08) Rue Georges Clemenceau ☉
▶(2:28) Ville d’Antibes Juan-les-Pins ★
▶(3:00) Rue Christian Chessel ☉
▶(3:18) The Old Tower ★
▶(3:30) Notre Dame Cathedral ★
▶(3:40) Rue du Bateau ☉
▶(4:08) Museum Picasso Antibes ★
▶(5:49) Rue de l’Orme ☉
▶(6:25) Panoramic Oceanview ★
▶(6:55) Promenade Amiral de Grasse ☉
▶(11:00) Promenade Courtine ☉
▶(13:05) Place du Revely ☉
▶(14:02) Rue de l’Horloge ☉
▶(15:27 Rue Aubernon ☉
▶(17:42) Boulevard d’Aguillon ☉
▶(19:14) Rue Thuret ☉



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