Aubrey Plaza Says Costar Haley Lu Richardson ‘Stalked Her’ for Years


  • For Interview Magazine, Aubrey Plaza interviewed her “The White Lotus” costar Haley Lu Richardson.
  • In conversation, Plaza joked, “Haley stalked me for years,” while talking about how they first met. 
  • Richardson added that the two don’t have any scenes together, despite their offscreen friendship.

“The White Lotus” star Aubrey Plaza said in an Interview Magazine article published Friday that she was obsessed with her costar Haley Lu Richardson for a long time. 

When the two reminisced on how they first met, Plaza joked that Richardson had been “stalking” her for years. 

“That’s why when I met you—and yes, I met you because you were stalking me. Just for all the readers out there, Haley stalked me for years. After I met her at the MTV Awards, she stalked me at the “Chucky,” AKA “Child’s Play” premiere,” Plaza shared. 

Haley Lu Richards in "The White Lotus."

Haley Lu Richards in “The White Lotus.”


Richardson continued the story, admitting that she did everything in her power to get close to the “Parks and Recreation” actress prior to them working together. 

“And I made friends with all of Aubrey’s friends at the premiere so that I could get closer to her life. Then Aubrey’s friend invited me to Aubrey’s birthday without asking Aubrey. So I showed up and I remember we locked eyes at the bar and you just went, ‘You,'” Richardson laughed.

Plaza jokingly responded: “And it didn’t matter how many mushrooms I had taken that night. I knew that my stalker had arrived. But there was something deep down inside all along that was like, ‘Even though she’s stalking me, and maybe eventually she’ll cut me up into a million pieces and eat me, I like her. In fact, I love her.”

She added, “And so when I heard that you were cast on ‘The White Lotus’ I was like, ‘This is some fucking witchy karmic shit.” 

Aubrey Plaza in "The White Lotus."

Aubrey Plaza in “The White Lotus.”


The two actresses also commiserated over not having any scenes together in season 2 of the HBO drama “The White Lotus.”

“Also, even though we have absolutely zero scenes together, which is really fucked up,” Richardson began, “I feel like we would work together so well.”

The “Unpregnant” star went on to explain that she and Plaza spent a lot of time together offscreen. In their conversation, both Richardson and Plaza expressed excitement for their respective career trajectories and their friendship.

“I think I’m the best stalker in the world. I didn’t get arrested. You never had to get a restraining order. Somehow my stalking was so beautiful and subtle and well thought-out that I’m now your friend,” said Richardson. “And I’m very thankful for it because I obviously deeply admire you and think you’re cool and very strange. Also, I will always be there for you.”

Season 2 of “The White Lotus” premiered on October 30, with new episodes airing every Sunday on HBO Max.

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