Best and Worst Things to Spend Money on in Alaska, From a Local


Unless it’s a clear day, you should probably skip a tram ride.

Red tram on wires going up tree-covered mountain in Alaska

If the weather isn’t clear, you likely won’t get to see many views.

Jeff Whyte/Shutterstock

Tram rides can provide breathtaking, 360-degree views of the mountains, forest, and city — but only if it’s clear a day, which is never a guarantee in Alaska.

Even though there are often hiking trails and a few exhibits to explore at the top, you can find similar activities at sea level, without the expense of a tram ticket.

If you have the time and fitness, hike up the mountain and ride the tram down, often you can do so for half the price or even free. Or take your rental car for a spin to find some new views and explore local neighborhoods. 

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