Best Podcasts for Relationship Advice

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  • Relationship challenges are common, and they can be difficult to solve.
  • While podcasts are not a catch-all solution, they can be a helpful way to gain relationship advice. 
  • The eight podcasts below provide relationship advice by therapists or feature expert guests.

Being in a happy romantic relationship is good for your health. Research shows that having strong relationships can reduce your risk of dying — from any cause, at any age — by 49%. That could be because a healthy relationship improves everything from your risk of cardiovascular disease to your brain health. 

“There are proven links showing that good relationships help us to live longer, more fulfilling lives,” says Dynesha Henderson, a couples and family therapist and founder of Nesh Accelerato. 

And yet, building and maintaining a healthy relationship takes work. While podcasts aren’t a replacement for therapy, they can be a tool in the kit for building and maintaining a healthy relationship. 

“They can help to validate some of the things you may be experiencing, or even to find tools to deal with the issues you and your partner may be having,” Henderson says. 

Here are eight podcasts to listen to when you’re in need of relationship advice. 

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