Biggest Surprises About Visiting 50 States, According to Travel Writer

Visiting Alaska and Hawaii introduced me to different cultures without the hassle of international travel.

Hawaii- The author hangs ten on Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii (2)

I tried my hand at surfing at Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii.

Katherine Parker-Magyar

America’s diverse landscapes and people make it special, and that’s especially apparent in Alaska and Hawaii. 

The first time I visited Alaska, I was only 19 months old, but when I returned on a fishing trip along the Inside Passage, I took in the jaw-dropping scenery and understood why it’s called “The Last Frontier.” 

I was similarly in awe of Hawaii, arriving as a middle-schooler on a spring break vacation and departing as a devout conservationist and aspiring marine biologist (the last bit didn’t quite work out).

Once I was exposed to the beauty of the Polynesian culture and the breathtaking nature, I knew I had to return.

You don’t need a passport to immerse yourself in a different culture. Just book a flight to Hawaii or Alaska.

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