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AI stack will comprise of five major horizontal layers and one vertical layer:
Infrastructure – This would be the core layer that forms the basis of an end to end AI functionality, with a common data controller, private and public cloud setups, determining the manner of data collection
Storage – This layer outlines the appropriate protocols for storing different kinds of data, for more efficient usage and retrieval depending on the need.
Compute – This layer facilitates an open algorithm network, with AI/ML processes including NLP, DL and neural networks. Compute layer will also lay emphasis on data engineering, build and deploy service architectures and provide transparent architectures to industry for them to develop their own analytics.
Application – A “purpose-built” layer that enables software and other applications to be hosted and executed as a service layer, which will also support backend functions and provide frameworks for the AI engine to work smoothly.
Data Exchange – Also the information exchange layer, this layer will outline the final end user experience through defined structures and protocols. This layer is also responsible for ensuring ethical standards pertaining to digital technologies are followed and adhered to. Until Indian laws are formalised, GDPR laws can be applied.
Security – This is the sole vertical layer that cuts across the above layers to ensure the AI services are safe and secure.


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