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Camilla Jokingly Called ‘the Crown’ Star Dominic West ‘Your Majesty’


  • Dominic West plays Prince Charles (now King Charles III) in season five of “The Crown” on Netflix.
  • West said Camilla, the Queen Consort, called him “Your Majesty” at an event after he was cast.
  • West offered to resign as ambassador of The Prince’s Trust, but was told it wasn’t necessary.

Dominic West will star as Prince Charles (now King Charles III) in the highly-anticipated fifth season of “The Crown” on Netflix — and the Queen Consort herself is reportedly a fan.

In an interview with Radio Times magazine, West said that Camilla, the Queen Consort jokingly greeted him as “Your Majesty” at an event in 2021 after his casting was announced.

West also told the magazine that he offered to resign as an ambassador for King Charles’ charity The Prince’s Trust after accepting the role. Charles’ private secretary replied in a letter that West summarized as, “You do what you like, you’re an actor. It’s nothing to do with us.”

Dominic West as King Charles in "The Crown."

Dominic West (left) as King Charles in season five of “The Crown.”

Netflix ; Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

“I think that’s probably how he regards it,” West told Radio Times. “I’ve been in a line to shake his hand a few times, and it’s fascinating. It’s very useful to meet the character you’re playing, obviously.”

The Queen Consort has signaled her approval of the cast of “The Crown” before. At a reception for International Women’s Day at Clarence House in March, Camilla acknowledged attendee Emerald Fennell, who played her in the show’s third and fourth seasons, Insider’s Mikhaila Friel reported.

“For me, it’s very reassuring to know that if I should fall off my perch at any moment, my fictional alter ego is here to take over,” Camilla said in her remarks at the event. “So, Emerald — be prepared!”

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