Dominic West Says He Only Looks Like King Charles ‘From Behind’


  • In a Netflix interview, “The Crown” actor Dominic West discussed his transformation into King Charles. 
  • West said the only time he looks like Charles “is from behind because the hair is just perfect.”
  • The actor went on to say that he has “such deep sympathy” for the now King after portraying him.

In a recently released Netflix interview, “The Crown” actor Dominic West admits that he only resembles King Charles III “from behind.” The video, titled “How Dominic West Became Prince Charles,” shows West opening up about his role in season 5. 


West is set to portray the then Prince in the next season of Netflix’s hit series. Actor Josh O’Connor previously played Prince Charles in seasons 3 and 4. 

“I was slightly in despair, you know, how was I going to get the physicality of this guy,” the actor said in the Netflix video, “because the only time I really look like Charles, is from behind, because the hair is just perfect.”

West told Entertainment Weekly in October 2022 that he almost turned down the role due to his and King Charles’ contrasting looks. “I said, ‘You’ve got the wrong guy, I don’t look anything like him,'” West recalled to EW.

In that same interview, he admitted that O’Connor left some pretty big shoes to fill for the role. “I was very conscious of Josh’s amazing performance, and his amazing success, and thought it was a bit of a hiding to nothing to try to follow that,” he said to Entertainment Weekly.

In conversation with Netflix, West also touched on his feelings toward King Charles III and that period in his life. “I have such deep sympathy with Charles because he doesn’t get much thanks, particularly when he’s standing next to Diana,” he said. 

“The Crown” season 5 will focus largely on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s tumultuous marriage and divorce in the spotlight. 


Actress Elizabeth Debicki also spoke to Netflix about her transformation into Princess Diana in a video released Thursday.

“One of the sort of themes that we explore a lot is the isolation that she experiences as a result of the marriage breaking down and how she becomes more removed from the rest of the royal family,” the actress said to Netflix.

For West, he focused on Prince Charles’ morose headspace as he dealt with his failing marriage to Princess Diana. “His position means that he can’t ever be with the woman he loves. For all his faults, that’s a horrible burden,” the actor said. 

“The Crown” season 5 premieres November 9 on Netflix.

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