Eternals (2021) Film Explained in Hindi/Urdu Summarized हिन्दी


Eternals (2021) Thriller movie explained in Hindi Urdu voice over. The American superhero Adventure Thriller film “Eternal” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी explanation. The Plot is about the extraterrestrial team of humanoids on Earth who are sent by colossal ‘Arishem’ to save humanity from the creature. They appeared on Earth 7 thousand years ago to preserve and defend humanity.Later, the scene is shifted to 7 thousand years later, when the Eternals have been living with humans and have become their friends. Giant ‘Arishem’ forbade them from doing anything else besides the task at hand. Sersi was also eternal before being attacked by the creator. Ajak was the leader of the Eternals, and she informs her leader that the creatures have returned. They are attacking humans once more. However, Ajak dies as a result of the creatures and the monster absorbing her energy. Ikaris is aware of this. Before dying, Ajak has chosen Sersi to be the next leader of the Eternals. Because Sersi was told by Arishem that the creator was mistakenly made by him as he planted a seed in the earth that required human energy and billions of years to grow. So, they decide to gather the Eternals team one by one and then decode what they should do.

Now the emergence will happen and massive celestial will born that will be harmful to the earth and for humans. The Eternals decode in order to prevent this emergence. Ikaris refuses to help them because he has terminated Ajak because she likes humans and wishes to save them. Ajaka and Sprite drop their leaves. Phastos, Sersi, and Makkari were present, and they decided to form a uni band to put an end to this emergence. They have determined the location where the event will take place. Another Eternal died in this named Gilgamesh, and the Creator took his energies. The Eternal has various abilities. Ikaris was stopped by Phastos, and Sersi was stopped by Sersi. Ikaris frees himself and hurls himself at Drug and Makakri, who arrive in rage and beats him.

Ikaris then decoded to assist them in stopping the emergence. Makkari smiles and hugs Druig. Finally, they prevent the humans and the massive celestial from appearing on Earth. Later, a portal opens, and Big size ‘Arishem’ summons them, saying, “You have murdered a celestial to save humans, and now you will be punished.” I’m leaving and will decide what to do with you after rerunning. This marked the end of the film. This fantasy tale-based film concludes here. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe. Eternals is a 2021 American superhero film, directed by Chloé Zhao.

Images and footage Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and New Classics Media Workshop
Director: Chloé Zhao

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