Family Built Sustainable Home on Abandoned Race Track in Canada


The Bultje family purchased an abandoned race track in May 2020 after the coveted listing hit half price.

Abandoned race track belonging to the Bultje family in Ontario, Canada.

The abandoned race track the Bultje’s built their home on.

Courtesy of Klaudia and James Bultje

The Bultjes planned to live in a renovated trailer while in-between homes, but they lucked out when one of their dream properties hit the market with a price cut. 

“We made an offer, but investors wanted the same property and they offered over asking. We offered under asking because we couldn’t afford it,” Klaudia explained. “But the person selling it chose us.” 

The couple paid $280,000 to secure the abandoned race track and property that spanned 27 acres – and lots of debris.

“It was the old race track, so there was a whole bunch of garbage, bleachers, old buildings, concession stands falling over, and there were hydro poles – all without power – that were all falling over,” Klaudia said. 

The workload might have scared off other homeowners, but James and Klaudia wanted a long-term project. 

“I just don’t think people wanted a big project of cleaning it up, but that’s exactly what we wanted,” she said. “After building the old house, James was like, ‘I’m bored. What do I do now?’ When we walked this property, we saw work for 20 years.” 

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