Five Satin Hair Care Products to Improve and Hydrate Your ‘Do


  • Satin hair care products are booming in popularity on TikTok and Instagram.
  • Silk and satin help hair retain moisture and natural oils 
  • The use of these products for maintaining healthy textured hair is historically and culturally Black.

For decades, Black people have used silk and satin to tie up their hair, whether it be in the form of a scarf, bonnet, or durag. The benefits are endless – minimizing frizz, preventing tangling, keeping hair hydrated, and overall protecting hairstyles. Other fabrics, like cotton and linen, cause friction by absorbing moisture and natural oils from hair strands, while silk and satin retain them. For this reason, satin and silk scarves, bonnets, durags and pillow cases are popular beauty products in Black culture because of their benefits for textured locks. 

These items have not always been regarded as a beauty secret. 

Historically, bonnets and scarves donned by Black women have been labeled ghetto, while durags have been deemed unprofessional and criminalized as gangster attire when sported by Black men. But as these products become mainstream through Black creators sharing their nighttime beauty routines online, the use of satin and silk scarves for hair care has been rebranded as a new “hack” by some white celebrities, influencers, and brands. 

Social media platforms have a history of discrediting originators, especially content and trends highly popularized by Black culture. Below are five Black-owned brands for all your satin and silk hair care needs.

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