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Georgia Cop Revives Runner After Giving Him CPR for 10 Minutes


  • A police officer in Georgia gave a runner CPR 10 minutes, police said.
  • The runner went into cardiac arrest while running on a trail, police said in a statement.
  • Police said the man was not breathing and had “no signs of life” when the officer arrived.

A police officer in Georgia revived a runner after performing CPR on them for more than 10 minutes, police said.

The officer in Powder Springs, Georgia responded to a call that the runner was unresponsive on the Silver Comet Trail on the morning of October 29 after they had suffered a cardiac arrest, the Powder Springs Police Department said in a statement.

“He went down and stopped breathing,” the department said. “Runners on the trail noticed his condition and immediately called 911 and began giving him CPR.”

The man was on the ground not breathing and had “no pulse, and no other signs of life” before the officer started performing CPR, police said. The officer performed CPR on the man for around 10 minutes before paramedics arrived and took over, per police.

CPR is an acronym for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CPR is an emergency procedure that consists of chest compressions being used on someone who is unconscious, per the National CPR Foundation. 

According to the statement, after paramedics arrived, the man regained his pulse and woke up.

“As EMS placed him onto the stretcher to be loaded into the ambulance, he was actually looking around and asking what had happened,” the statement said.

The police department thanked the runners who helped the man when they saw him collapse for their “quick actions.”


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