GERMANY: Meersburg – city on Lake Constance [HD]


Meersburg is one of the prettiest resorts on the shores of Lake Constance (German: Bodensee), in the southwest of Germany .

The name of the town means “Burg on the Sea”, the former referring to the old castle which, according to an old legend and a 1548 document say that the creation of this impressive stronghold dates back to the 7th century, to the Merovingians under king Dagobert 1st.

The lakeside lower town is home to the boat and ferry landings, a lakefront promenade, hotels, restaurants, bars, and sporting activities

The upper town is a hillside cluster of historic buildings, museums, galleries, cafés, shops, and vineyards.

Museums include the “Old Castle” (with guided tours year-round), the “New Castle” (with Baroque rooms, art exhibits, and the Dornier aviation museum), the Bible Gallery, a Town Museum, the Wine Museum, and even a Zeppelin Museum that complements the larger Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen.

The lower town and upper town are reserved for pedestrians only. Both sections of town have remnants of medieval walls (including two ancient gates). You can go back and forth between the two by a steep street or two stairways.

April 26, 2012



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