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My experience with Walmart InHome returns and exchanges

It’s fairly easy to start a return from the InHome app, Walmart app, or website. However, I did struggle with figuring out how to select multiple items in one return request. Once I did, I got an email with instructions to leave the item indoors by the entrance assigned for deliveries. The associate who picked up my return also said that folks are welcome to leave their returns outside at the door, too.

The day of, I received an email confirmation of my return being processed within an hour after pickup. I also received a pop-up within the InHome app saying that the team was handling my return and refund. 

A few days later, though, it seemed that my return and refund were caught in a loop. My account kept showing “Still Have Items to Return” and “Pending”. However, this is another instance where the recorded delivery is helpful, as the video clearly shows the associate taking my return items with him.

I ended up calling the customer service line to clear this up, and appreciated that the phone number was prominently provided across all apps and emails. It’s evident that InHome customers are given a dedicated priority line as the wait time was minimal and the service associates were warm and attentive. 

The representative confirmed that the sweatpants and workout dice I was returning had to go back to a processing center and not a store, and pushed through my refund since the return center was delayed. This call took 11 minutes to resolve and my refund was closed promptly.

Much more efficient and instantly gratifying was when I tried to return some past-prime mushrooms. I stated quality as the reason for my return and was immediately refunded in-app for my $1.87 purchase with a note saying no physical product return was necessary.

Lastly, I attempted to exchange my chipped soap dish to see how they would handle exchanges, since while exchanges are referred to, there is no clear process. 

Turns out, the only way to truly do an InHome exchange is to return and reorder in another transaction. Again, I received instant confirmation that my return was being processed and I readied it for pickup. However, it seems as though it was not worth the gas and personpower to Walmart to send an associate out to pick up a $2.47 soap dish, and eventually received notice that my refund was processed with no physical return necessary. 

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