Hawaii Packing List With Kids for Honolulu, Ko Olina, Oahu


I’m a habitual overpacker myself and made the mistake of leaning into that trait when packing for my child.

Three piles of children's clothes on a pink and white sheet.

Piles of pajamas I thought my daughter needed for seven nights in Hawaii.

Emily Hochberg/Insider

I’m personally guilty of overpacking. I always bring too many outfits “just in case” when in the end, I choose what’s comfortable.

The same was true for my child. For one week, I packed either a shirt or onesie, a pair of shorts or pants, a bathing suit, and a dress for each for each day of vacation. I thought she’s start the day in shorts and a shirt, change to a bathing suit, and then wear a cute dress to dinner. I brought pajamas for every night too, with a mix of footies, t-shirt and short combos, and long sleeves and long pants for every temperature possibility.

The reality was, she often just put on her bathing suit first thing so we could go right to the pool. She then napped in her diaper or a onesie, only to put a bathing suit back on for the afternoon. In the evenings, I reached for what was easy and comfortable: shorts and t-shirts. She liked to run around, sit in the sand, and get in a handstand position, so dresses were never practical.

I think she wore one dress the entire trip, and it was one I bought from a local vendor, and none that I packed.

I brought way too many pajamas, too. Cold hotel room A/C meant I only wanted her in the warmer ones and all the t-shirt and short sets went unworn.

Even without doing laundry on this trip, I don’t think I needed quite as many options as I planned, and certainly none of the dresses.

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