How 5 actors who've played King Charles compare to the real-life monarch


Dominic West as King Charles in "The Crown."
Dominic West as King Charles in season five of "The Crown."

  • Four different actors, most recently Dominic West, have portrayed King Charles in "The Crown."
  • West said Camilla, the Queen Consort, called him "Your Majesty" at an event after he was cast.
  • Jack Farthing also played Charles in the movie "Spencer" with Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana.
In the first season of "The Crown" on Netflix, Billy Jenkins played a young King Charles.

Billy Jenkins at the premiere of "The Crown."
Billy Jenkins attends the premiere of season two of "The Crown" in 2017.

Jenkins and Vanessa Kirby, who portrayed Princess Margaret, played pranks on other cast members during shooting.

He looks just like Charles did as the young Duke of Cornwall.

King Charles at 6 years old.
King Charles (then Duke of Cornwall) in 1954.

Charles was photographed for his sixth birthday in 1954 by Marcus Adams.

In season two of "The Crown," Julian Baring took over the role of 8-year-old Charles.

Julian Baring as a young King Charles in "The Crown."
Julian Baring in season two of "The Crown."

Season two depicts Charles' struggles at Gordonstoun, a boarding school in Scotland.

Charles later referred to his time at Gordonstoun as "a prison sentence" and "absolute hell," according to the epitaph of episode nine.

King Charles in 1960
King Charles (then Prince of Wales) in 1960.

Charles sent Prince William and Prince Harry to Eton, a boarding school closer to Windsor Castle, where the Queen Mother had wanted to send him.

Josh O'Connor played Charles on season four of "The Crown."

josh o'connor portraying prince charles on the crown
Josh O'Connor in season four of "The Crown."

Season four portrays the beginning of Charles' relationship with Princess Diana and their troubled marriage.

O'Connor and Charles share similar facial features, which O'Connor called "a money-saver on prosthetics" in an interview with GQ.

King Charles smiles and holds a fishing rod in 1979
King Charles (then Prince of Wales) in 1979.

O'Connor also worked with a dialect coach to perfect Charles' voice.

Jack Farthing played Charles in the 2021 drama "Spencer."

Jack Farthing as Prince Charles in "Spencer."
Jack Farthing as Prince Charles in "Spencer."

Farthing starred in the film with Kristen Stewart, who played Diana.

Farthing told Insider's Zac Ntim that stepping into the role of Charles was intimidating.

Prince Charles in Scotland in 1985
King Charles (then Prince of Wales) in 1985.

"It's obviously a very scary overwhelming idea, taking on someone like that — trying to find your own truth in a character that everyone knows so well and is so visible and so recorded and so impersonated," he said.

Dominic West will play Charles on the upcoming season of "The Crown."

Dominic West as Prince Charles in season 5 of "The Crown" on Netflix
Dominic West as King Charles (then Prince of Wales) in season five of "The Crown."

West told Radio Times magazine that Camilla, the Queen Consort, greeted him as "Your Majesty" in 2021 after his casting was announced.

The much-anticipated fifth season premieres on Netflix on November 9.

Prince Charles in 1995
King Charles (then Prince of Wales) in 1995.

Season five chronicles the brewing tension between Diana and the royal family.

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