How Dia De Los Muertos Is Celebrated Around the World


  • Día de los Muertos, also known as All Saints Day, is celebrated every year on November 2. 
  • Origins of Día de los Muertos celebrations can be traced to a precolonial period in the Americas. 
  • While the holiday is often associated with México, it is celebrated all around the world.

While Día de los Muertos is typically associated with México, it is celebrated across Latin America as well as all around the world. On the first two days of November, people gather to honor the lives of their loved ones through altars, ofrendas, and festivities. 

The origin of Día de los Muertos can be traced back to the Mayans and Aztecs who honored the dead, even decades before the Spanish colonized in the 16th century. Eventually, the church converted the holiday into All Saints Day and All Souls Day, to align with the Catholic calendar. 

Legend has it that during those first two days of November, the veil which disguises the realm of the dead briefly disappears, granting the living a few brief moments of reunification. Altars are made for the presentation of offerings, or ofrendas, which guide the dearly departed to their loved ones wherever they may be.

From Los Angeles to Manila, these are the special ways in which communities celebrate, mourn, and honor their loved ones. 

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