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How to Pack a Backpack for Two Weeks in Europe and Save Room for Souvenirs


It was my first time traveling for two weeks with just a backpack and looking back, I think I could have packed even lighter.

Everything the author packed for her two-week trip to Europe.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Traveling with just a backpack works for me because I find I have less stuff to worry about losing or forgetting when getting from one location to the next, and it leaves my hands free when commuting.

Plus, fitting everything in a backpack means I don’t have to check luggage and pay the accompanying fee, or feel the anxiety of whether it will make it to my destination.

For this trip, I used a 32-liter backpack, the largest one I own, to hold everything I needed for two weeks. I packed my work computer, camera, and chargers; snacks, toiletries, and medications; one packing cube stuffed with clothing, and additional necessities like a raincoat, a tote, and a pair of shower slides.

While I longed for more outfit variety, I was glad I packed so little. I didn’t feel as weighed down by my backpack as I have on previous trips, so I had more energy throughout the day.


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