I Bought the TikTok ‘Pillow Slides’ From Amazon and They’re so Cushy


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  • These Tiktok-famous sandals are nicknamed “pillow slides” for how cushy they are.
  • I bought a pair on Amazon for $17 and I wear them pretty much every day.
  • They start out with good bounce and cushion, but mine have gotten even comfier over time.

I’m usually not one to fall victim to Instagram and TikTok trends, but there was one that recently got me. These waterproof foam sandals, dubbed by the internet as “pillow slides” or “cloud slides,” really spoke to my new mantra of comfort only. 

Most of the people I saw posting about them said they got them from Amazon, so I went on the site, searched “pillow slides,” and found a pair in the color I like. I just looked for ones that had a lot of reviews and honestly didn’t do much other research. Even though I run a team of product reviewers, I still occasionally make impulse purchases on Amazon! 

The pair I bought was $17, and I opted for the ‘milk tea’ color.

Author wearing the Amazon Pillow Slides in Milk Tea while standing on a tan carpet

Sally Kaplan/Insider

The Amazon listing has about 6,300 reviews, 76% of which were 4 and 5 stars. I figured for less than $20, I was willing to take the plunge.

I chose a neutral beige color that would go with everything, but this pair comes in 11 other colors if beige isn’t your thing. 

The soles of the shoes are super thick and squishy. I thought they’d feel like I was walking on gummy bears, but they’re not quite that soft. There’s still a decent amount of support.

Side view of the Amazon Pillow Slides in Milk Tea, on top of a tan carpet

Sally Kaplan/Insider

 They’re made of EVA, which is a common type of foam used in footwear. If you’re a fan of Birkenstocks, their waterproof sandals are also made of EVA foam, but these ones are thicker and more cushioned.

You can see how flexible and squishy the material is. But for as soft as they are, they’re also durable enough to be worn outside of the house.

A photo of the author demonstrating the squishiness of the Amazon Pillow Slides

Sally Kaplan/Insider

I initially thought I’d only be able to wear them inside, but they’re actually great for walking around the neighborhood or running quick errands.

The brand I bought from is true to size. I got the 7.5-8, and I’m usually an 8.

They fit me with little extra room for when I want to wear socks, but even with that extra room, there’s enough of a texture on the shoe that my feet don’t slide around.

In conclusion, I highly recommend these shoes. They’re comfy, squishy, cheap, and come in a ton of fun colors.

A side view of the Amazon Pillow Slides in Milk Tea

Sally Kaplan/Insider

I thought I was just getting a comfy pair of house sandals when I bought these, but they’ve become my go-to’s for errands and walks around the neighborhood. Turns out my pillow slide impulse purchases may be my best yet!

Keep in mind:
With a quality product, your lifetime cost can be significantly lower than
purchasing cheaper products that don’t last.

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