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I Made Homemade Butter Using a One-Ingredient Recipe


You’ve officially made homemade butter! Use add-ins like salt and garlic to give the butter an extra burst of flavor.

I stored my homemade butter in a glass holder and put it in my fridge.

Lauren Edmonds/Insider

The final steps are to add any extra flavors to the butter and store it away. Personally, I added ¾ tablespoon of salt to give it a slight flavor since it tasted very neutral at first.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this recipe, but I haven’t stopped telling everyone I know about it because it’s that good. The texture, when at room temperature, is creamy and the taste is light and airy.

It might be in my head, but when I compared my homemade butter to a store-bought version, the homemade butter tasted less processed.

Also, “homemade butter” always made me think of a wooden butter churn and lots of arm work, but the recipe was hands-off and only took 20 minutes.

Overall, I would 1000% make this recipe again, and I have plans to add chives, garlic, and parsley next time.


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