I Went Camping at Disney World for Over $200, Not Worth It


Pitching the tent wasn’t easy, so I was grateful my friend and sister were there to help.

jenna clark setting up tent poles

Pitching the tent was a multi-person job.

Jenna Clark

Originally, our plan was to rent a tent from Disney because its website says you can rent tents and cots for a fee, but I couldn’t find any clear information about how to do so.

When I contacted a cast member through the online chat, he said Disney rents out tents but doesn’t set them up and that he couldn’t tell me how to rent the tent or how much it would cost. Instead, he provided me with a phone number to call.

I called the number and was on hold for an hour. I then reached a cast member who said they don’t believe Disney has tent rentals, then transferred me to a different line. After 30 more minutes of being on hold, another cast member told me Disney doesn’t do tent rentals. 

With that in mind, I purchased an “easy-setup” tent before my trip and brought it with me. 

Sadly, I still struggled. Despite how many times I read the directions and watched videos online about how to assemble the tent, it just wasn’t going my way.

Insider reached out to Disney for additional clarification about its tent-rental policies but did not immediately hear back. 

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