Inside Mustique, Princess Margaret’s Caribbean Getaway on ‘the Crown’

In 1976, the Caribbean island of Mustique was thrust into the global spotlight when Princess Margaret jetted there with her then-lover, the 17-years-her-junior Roddy Llewellyn, causing a tabloid frenzy.

An aerial view of the island of Mustique.

An aerial view of the island of Mustique.

Jean-Marc LECERF/Contributor/Getty Images

The island is back in the limelight thanks to Netflix’s “The Crown.”

In both season three and season four, Princess Margaret escapes to Mustique when she needs a break.

In real life, she began vacationing on the island in the ’60s, having been gifted a 10-acre plot of land there by Mustique’s then-owner, Colin Tennant (now Lord Glenconner), on which she built a vacation home. 

Her frequent trips ushered in a slew of interested celebrities, including rock stars like Mick Jagger and David Bowie, who each eventually built their own extravagant villas there.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have also been going to the quiet Caribbean spot for years, according to Vogue.

From its time as a desolate spot among hundreds of small islands in the region to becoming a famous A-lister hub, here’s the true story behind the island of Mustique.

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