Interesting, Cool Things to Know About ‘the Great British Baking Show’

There’s a long application process to become a contestant.

The Great British Baking Show

Sophie Faldo on “The Great British Baking Show.”


The “Bake Off” application process includes multiple steps, such as a preliminary form — which season seven’s Rav Bansal told Insider is the “longest application form in the history of forms” — a phone interview, and a screen test.

Additionally, prospective contestants also have to complete an off-camera skills test that requires both sweet and savory bakes, according to season-four baker Ali Imdad.

“… a food technician there will try your bakes, critique them, and if they like what they’ve seen, they’ll put you in the next round, where they’ll get you to bake some scones and bread,” Imdad told Insider in 2021. “Sometimes there will be judges there to critique you. Sometimes it will just be food technicians.”

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