Is Le Petit Chef Worth the Price? Animated Chef Restaurant Review


Making a reservation was both difficult and expensive.

The inside of Le Petit Chef, with a large sign and set table

The Le Petit Chef location in Toronto opened in July 2022.

Tiffany Leigh

There are over 35 Le Petit Chef locations around the world and on Celebrity cruise ships that feature unique menus.

Currently, the only outpost in North America is in Ontario, Canada, specifically in a suburb about an hour north of downtown Toronto. 

It was difficult to land a reservation. I needed to book about a month in advance, and even then, I could only snag a Monday night. I also paid a deposit of around $80 Canadian dollars, or about $58, to secure my spot.

The price of the meal was also steep. The experience costs CA$129.99 per adult, before tax and the serving charge. 

And even though my baby is an infant and would be unable to eat most of the food, we still had to pay CA$64.99 for her kids’ meal.

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