Just How Terrifying Is ‘Terrifier 2?’ I Watched It to Find Out.


  • “Terrifier 2” has made headlines for being incredibly violent and making audiences pass out.
  • It follows Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) after he’s resurrected in the town of Miles County.
  • As a horror fan, I watched “Terrifier 2” to see if it’s as intense as everyone says.

In the last few weeks, “Terrifier 2” has made headlines across the world because of reports that audiences have vomited and passed out from watching the sequel from director Damien Leone. It’s the type of publicity some studio executives can only dream of. 

All the chatter about the grisly return of Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) has led to “Terrifier 2” grossing over $7 million against a $250,000 crowdfunded budget. Killer clowns are good for business — just ask Stephen King. 

The film sees Art return to Miles County on Halloween and go on yet another bloody killing spree, while a supernatural force also gets involved in his reign of terror. 

After watching the first film a while back, I decided to give “Terrifier 2” a whirl for myself to see if the controversial film is really as gory and distressing as recent reports made out. As luck would have it, I also picked the perfect night to dive in: Halloween. Oh yes.

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