Kris Jenner Called Ripley’s to Let Kim Kardashian Try Marilyn Dress on

  • Kim Kardashian said that Kris Jenner persuaded Ripley’s to let her try on Marilyn Monroe’s dress again. 
  • Ripley’s wasn’t going to let Kardashian try on the dress after she didn’t fit into it the first time. 
  • Kardashian eventually wore the historic garment to the Met Gala in May. 

Kim Kardashian said that Ripley’s wasn’t going to let her try on the Marilyn Monroe dress that she eventually wore to the Met Gala a second time — that is, until her mother Kris Jenner intervened.

On season two, episode eight of “The Kardashians,” Kardashian visited Ripley’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida, to try on the dress, which Monroe wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962, for a second time.

The first time she tried it on, it didn’t fit over her hips. At that point, the company wasn’t going to let her try it on again, Kardashian said on the season’s seventh episode. 

“I flew all the way to Florida to try on the Marilyn dress at Ripley’s. They were not gonna let me wear this dress, they weren’t even gonna let me try it on, until Kris Jenner calls,” Kardashian said during a confessional on the season’s eighth episode. 

“I was like ‘Please Mom, if you make this happen I’ll marry you.’ I would’ve done anything,” Kardashian said. 

Jenner demurred when asked by a producer during a confessional what she had said to Ripley’s to get them on board, saying that she couldn’t reveal her “secrets.”

Kardashian recounted the conversation in her own confessional, saying that she was yelling at her mom as she was on the phone with the company. 

“I was there and I was like screaming at her on the phone going, “I’ll pay for it, I’ll this, I’ll fly to Florida, I’ll do an appearance at Ripley’s, I’ll this,’” Kardashian said in a confessional. “And she’s just like, ‘Shut up, shut up.’ She kept muting them and going, ‘Shut up.’”

When Kardashian tried on the dress for a second time during the episode, it fit, meaning that she was going to be allowed to wear it on the Met Gala red carpet.

In total, Kardashian only wore the dress for a matter of minutes due to its fragile nature. She told Vogue that she changed into a replica after reaching the top of the Met stairs.

Controversy erupted following allegations that Kardashian had damaged the dress by wearing it at the Met Gala, but both Ripley’s and Kardashian herself denied that she had done so. 

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