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When Michael Shaun Jackson was designing his house in Texas, he wanted something that looked like it came from the future.

The exterior of the home.

The exterior of the home.

Zach Spross

He found inspiration in one of his favorite films: the sci-fi movie “Tron: Legacy.”

“I set out to build a home that looks like it’s from the year 2050,” Jackson told Insider. 

As a real-estate developer and designer with his own firm, Acquiesce Design, Jackson was heavily involved in the construction process. He also designed his own furniture.

“I worked with a friend of mine that builds custom homes,” Jackson said. “I even used some of my contractors for certain elements of the build.”

Jackson said he bought a .18-acre lot in the Greenway Parks neighborhood of Dallas for $286,000 in 2018, then proceeded to tear down the existing house and rebuild from scratch.

A Google Maps screen grab of the previous house on the lot.

A Google Maps screen grab of the previous house on the lot.

Google Maps Street View

The previous home looked dramatically different from the new house, a photo shows.

The original house had a traditional pitched roof and window grilles. It was also small enough to have a front yard: The house was flanked by trees and a single narrow walkway that led from the main street to the front door.

The renovated home takes up nearly the entire width of its lot, an aerial photo of the neighborhood shows.

Aerial view of the Tron: Legacy home and the surrounding houses in the area.

Aerial view of the Tron: Legacy home and the surrounding houses in the area.

Google Maps

While the new house stands out from its surroundings, change is happening fast, a listing agent who goes by the name Pogir told Insider. Pogir holds the listing with his Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty colleague, Lisa Besserer.

“As you drive around the neighborhood, you’ll see many new modern homes being built or completed,” Pogir said. There’s one next door, and another just across the road, he added.

There are nine new construction homes in the area, all of which were completed this year, per Realtor.com. Among those is a modern, $1.295 million house that’s covered in an array of artfully placed windows, and a $1.549 million house with a sleek monochrome exterior.

There are currently 36 single family homes for sale in the area, with prices starting at $275,000. Houses in Greenway Park have a median listing home price of $760,000, per data from Realtor.com. The home inspired by “Tron: Legacy” is the most expensive listing in the area.

The home, which is covered in LED lights, is decked out in a stark black-and-white color scheme with pops of red mixed in.

One of the living areas in the home.

The primary living area in the home comes with a book-matched porcelain fireplace, where two adjoining slabs have a mirrored design.

Zach Spross

Jackson said it cost him $1.4 million to build the house. He added that he managed to bring the cost of the house down by leveraging his industry relationships and working with friends.

The living room features a two-story porcelain fireplace and a glass-walled car showroom that houses Jackson’s 2021 Ferrari F8 Spider.

A garage showroom.

A garage showroom in the living area.

Zach Spross

Instead of using a concrete wall to separate the home from its three-car garage, Jackson opted for a glass panel so the cars would be on clear display.

“I am a big Ferrari fan and collector,” Jackson said, adding that he drives the car regularly and has 1,500 miles on it. There’s also an option to purchase the Ferrari with the house for an additional $575,000.

Since the house was listed in mid-September, there have already been a few viewings, Pogir said.

“Most inquiries are about the overall design, the extraordinary lifestyle, and of course, the garage view from the living area,” Pogir added.

An ’80s-themed games room is the only room in the house that looks dramatically different from the rest, thanks to its tufted turquoise walls and zebra-patterned floor.

An 80s-themed speakeasy.

An 80s-themed games room.

Zach Spross

Memorabilia from one of Jackson’s favorite rock bands, Kiss, hangs on the walls, and there’s an AC/DC paintball machine in the corner.

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