Lindsay Lohan’s Movies Ranked According to Critics


In “Georgia Rule” (2007), Lohan played Rachel.

georgia rule lindsay lohan

Jane Fonda and Lindsay Lohan in “Georgia Rule.”

Universal Pictures

Rotten Tomatoes score: 19%

Synopsis:¬†“Georgia Rule” follows reckless teen Rachel (Lohan) as she’s sent away to her grandmother’s house in Idaho for the summer. Her grandmother, Georgia (Jane Fonda), isn’t a sweet white-haired woman who dotes on her grandchildren, but rather a stern matriarch who believes in structure and responsibility.

Their summer together breaks down both their walls and starts to heal deep family wounds.

In most critics’ opinions, the film’s heavy plot points weren’t properly unpacked by the comedic script.

Terry Lawson wrote for the Detroit Free Press, “If there is a ‘What Were They Thinking?’ Hall of Shame, there’s a whole wall preserved for ‘Georgia Rule,’ a feel-good, mothers-and-daughters comedy about child sexual abuse.”

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