‘Love Is Blind’ Surprising Things Facts You Didn’t Know


The producers are not very hands-on with planning the contestants’ dates.


Unless, of course, you include putting them in pods and deciding when they get to meet.


According to Coelen, contestants had much more input about their relationships than other, more over-produced reality dating shows. He said he wanted to give contestants the chance to control their experiences within the rules of the pods. 

“[Contestants would] say, ‘I’d love to have a dinner of lasagna with this person. So, we’d get them some lasagna,” Coelen told Oprah magazine in 2020. “They could do whatever they wanted, other than to touch each other or see each other … We wanted them to make the decisions and them to control their destiny”

Contestants weren’t given cue cards or specific talking points, either. 

As Coelen told Variety, “They were never interrupted in terms of like a producer saying, ‘Hey, talk about this, talk about that,’ they just did what they wanted to do.”



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