Makeup Artist Shares How to Update Beauty Routine, Use Fewer Items


Uribe gave me all the tools I needed to perfect my go-to minimal makeup look.

The writer smiles with her finished makeup look

I was extremely happy with the finished, makeup artist-approved look.

Ashley Probst

Overall, working with Uribe helped me feel more confident in my go-to beauty routine, from skin care to makeup.

We introduced a few new steps to my routine, including applying hydrating skin-care products and putting on setting spray. After using setting spray once, I couldn’t believe I’d gone my whole life without it.

Though my eye makeup smudged a bit throughout the day, fixing this was the only touch-up I needed. My makeup was still intact when I got home from work that night.

I think I still need to work on shaping my eyebrows but, until then, I feel like I have all the tools I need for an amazing minimal makeup look I can wear every day.

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