Meet May’s Featured Creators on the Rise

Zack Cherry, a horror movie devotee who analyzes the characters and plots behind the scariest flicks.

“If I ever get stuck on new ideas, I find it’s because I’m allowing myself to get too wrapped up in the minutiae of the YouTube process. As a creator, my style is fewer uploads with longer runtimes, which tends to have me putting a lot of stock into each project. This can become very stressful, and gets me to a point where I’m no longer having fun doing what I’m doing. Making content should always be about having fun, so I’ve gotten into a mindset of taking one step backwards in order to take two steps forward.

That could look like many things for different creators, but for me I’ll simply just take a break from making content. This might be for a few days, sometimes a few weeks. It all depends on how much time is needed to recharge my batteries, and allow me to have fun away from YouTube without feeling guilty about it. Once I’ve gotten there though, I find the ideas start to flow effortlessly and I cannot wait to get back to work.”

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