Millie Bobby Brown says that she doesn't actually like waffles, and had a 'spit bucket' for when she had to eat them on 'Stranger Things'


left: millie bobby brown on the enola holmes 2 red carpet, wearing a pink halter dress with her hair piled on top of her head in an updo; right: a much younger millie bobby brown as eleven in stranger things, clutching multiple boxes of eggo waffles and wearing a pink dress with a blue jacket
Millie Bobby Brown said that she doesn't share her "Stranger Things" character Eleven's love of waffles.

  • Millie Bobby Brown doesn't share her character Eleven's love for waffles on "Stranger Things."
  • The actor said she would "gag" if she swallowed them, and had a "spit bucket" on set. 
  • Watch the full Wired interview where Brown speaks about waffles, and other topics, below.


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