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Missing Characters Most Likely to Show up on Finale


A Georgie cameo would be fun, but it feels like a long shot.

TWD 812 Jayne Atkinson as Georgie on "The Walking Dead."

Georgie’s had a few name drops on the final season and that may be the most we hear of the leader.

Gene Page/AMC

When Jayne Atkinson joined “TWD,” fans and the actor alike were convinced she may play some version of Pamela Milton, the leader of the Commonwealth, on the show’s final season.

When Insider spoke with Atkinson in 2018, it sounded like she was expecting to appear again, telling us, “I do believe we could see her again.”

That never happened. 

Instead, Georgie wound up being a very minor character, the “brainchild” of “TWD” chief Scott M. Gimple as Atkinson told us, who gave Maggie (Lauren Cohan) a blueprint to help build up a community.

When Cohan briefly departed the show, viewers were told Maggie went to live and work with Georgie to build up other communities. Since Maggie’s been back, we’ve heard Georgie referenced a few times, likely to close the loop on her story, but nothing more.

If Alexandria and the Hilltop are rebuilt using Georgie’s plans and they’re holding a celebration, it would be a nice little Easter egg to see her appear in the background on the series finale.

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