My Top Five Books of 2022 (up to now)


I loved filming this video and, whenever I film a new book-related video, I wonder why I don’t do them more often. Hopefully I’ll upload more like this over the summer πŸ™‚

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A Room of One’s Own: (hardcover) or (free)
Poison for Breakfast:
Once Again to Zelda:
Family of Liars:
The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks:
Fierce Bad Rabbits:
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Frequently Asked Questions:
πŸ˜‡ How old are you? 22
πŸ“ What are you studying? I just finished studying English Literature at the University of Exeter. But we are students for life, and I hope that I will continue learning even though I am out of structured education.
πŸ“šWhat are your favourite books?
πŸ“ Have you written a book? My life goal is to be a published author and make a living from writing and I am using this year to gain experience, build up a portfolio and work on a book with my agent. I have just finished the final draft of that book, as you can see in this video. I did self-publish a book about bullying when I was seventeen which is available on Amazon (, but I’m slightly embarrassed by it now!
πŸŽƒ Do you have merch? I don’t have merch in the traditional sense (I can’t imagine selling something with my face or name on haha!), but I do have a stationery company where I sell planners for students. These are all designed with students in mind and follow models which I’ve used when planning my studying. Our products are printed in pastel colours on recycled paper:

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🍡B&B Chocolate Digestive Tea: (affiliate)
🍡 Dragonfly Rooibos Earl Grey:
🍡 Whittards Chelsea Garden:
🍡 Pukka Cleanse:
🍡 Newby Jasmine Princess:
🍡 Fortnums Yellow Buds (my favourite ‘fancy’ tea):
🍡 B&B Coconut Milk Oolong:… (affiliate)
🍡 B&B Rhubarb and Custard:… (affiliate)
🍡 any kind of chocolate tea πŸ™ˆ

0:00 Intro
3:58 Book 1
7:23 Book 2
11:57 Book 3
14:21 Book 4 (A)
16:27 Book 4 (B)
19:25 Book 5
21:33 Outro


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