Neighbors describe missing Fremont family, hoping to hear news soon


FREMONT, Mich.  — In a small neighborhood in Fremont sits a home with a freshly cut lawn. This is where the Cirigliano family lives.

Now, police are searching for clues about what happened to Anthony, Suzette, and their sons, 15-year-old Noah and 19-year-old Brandon, after the family disappeared.

One neighbor says he knew something wasn’t right when the grandmother who lives with the Ciriglianos accidentally walked into their house.

“She walked right into the house,” recalled Dennis Zacharias. “She had blankets, pillows, sheets. She was cold. She had been outside for 20, 30 minutes kind of thing.”

Police identified her as Suzette’s mother, who was going through a mental episode.

Zacharias said he then walked her back to her home, but something still felt off. So he called 911.

“I wnated to help her. But I was also worried for her because she was cold. And so I felt like sympathy for her. And I was, I was just worried about her, her well-being,” Zacharias says.

Police say the woman, who requires full-time car, was left alone along with the family pets.

Sue Schondelmeyer, the next-door neighbor of the missing family, says they were the first to welcome her into the neighborhood, bringing her a plate of cookies at Christmas.

She says her grandchildren would often hang out with Noah.

“They go over with those boys and they do their internet stuff or whatever they were doing, playing games on their phones, whatever,” she says.

In an attempt to locate the family, police have tried to locate the family’s phones, which they say have been off since Sunday.

Police say the Cirigliano family moved to West Michigan from North Carolina a few years ago. They’ll be working with investigators down there, in case the family heads back.

Police believe the family may be driving in a silver 2005 Toyota Sienna with the license plate that reads DJL-1982.

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