Photos of Redheads From Around the World Show Beauty of Red Hair


Less than two percent of the world’s population has naturally red hair.

A redhead named Alia leans against a graphic wall with headphones around her neck

Alia from Berlin.

Brian Dowling

Because they stand out, redheads are often bullied by their peers, ridiculed in pop culture, and perceived through negative stereotypes dating all the way back to medieval times. 

Brian Dowling is hoping to bring some positive attention to those with fiery red locks for a change. He’s traveled to 20 countries and counting to photograph redheads around the world and celebrate their natural beauty through whimsical portraits.

Pictured: Alia from Berlin.

Photographer Brian Dowling has always appreciated the uniqueness of red hair.

A redheaded model with long hair from Northern Ireland


Courtesy Brian Dowling

Pictured: Ellis from Trillick, Northern Ireland.

His Irish heritage might have something to do with it.

A redheaded model named Grace from Malahide, Ireland photographed in a field


Brian Dowling

Pictured: Grace from Malahide, Ireland.

He decided to photograph redheads around the world.

A redheaded model named Natasha from London, England. She has freckles and wears a blue and white shirt.


Brian Dowling

Pictured: Natasha from London, England.

He’s compiled the images into a portrait book called “Redhead Beauty.”

A redheaded model named Nena from Bratislava, Slovakia, photographed in front of a graffiti wall


Brian Dowling

Pictured: Nena from Bratislava, Slovakia.

Dowling photographed 130 models from 20 different countries.

A redheaded model named Daria from St. Petersburg, Russia.


Brian Dowling

Pictured: Daria from St. Petersburg, Russia.

He self-published the book through a Kickstarter campaign.

A redheaded model named Laura from Virginia, US, poses against a flowered bush

United States.

Brian Dowling

Pictured: Laura from Virginia, US.

“Before I even started the project, I posted a tweet if anyone wanted to take photos in Dublin,” he said.

A redheaded model named Sarah Kennedy from Donegal, Ireland, poses in the woods



Pictured: Sarah Kennedy from Donegal, Ireland.

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