Reviewing Disney World’s All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Trail’s End, Worth It


The area was so packed that we had to park on the grass.

cars parked on grass near fort wilderness

We weren’t the only people who had to park on the lawn.

Jenna Clark

I visited at Trail’s End a few days before Halloween, so the resort area was super busy as it is around most holidays. 

The lot where the security directed my party had no available spots so we had to park on the grass, which was unusual.  

We waited for a bus to take us to the restaurant, but it didn’t show.

The writer sitting on a bench at the bus stop in disney world

Disney usually has a shuttle bus in this area.

Jenna Clark

Normally, Disney has multiple complimentary buses that frequently make their way through the various stops around the campground and wider resort area.

We waited at the bus stop for about 15 minutes and didn’t see any shuttles, so we chose to walk to the restaurant. 


It took us about 20 minutes to walk to the restaurant.

area outside of hoop de doo musical review at disney world

We were near Pioneer Hall.

Jenna Clark

Although I was not anticipating taking a 20-minute walk once arriving at the resort, it was fun to look at the decorative golf carts and campsites with their Halloween decor.  

The restaurant sits right next to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue musical and dinner show at Pioneer Hall.


We only had to wait about five minutes to be seated although we were late for our reservation.

Trail's End at Disney World with the writer in front of the sign

I appreciated the short wait.

Jenna Clark

Although my two friends and I were nearly an hour late to our reservation due to the 20 minutes it took for us to park combined with the 20-minute walk, the restaurant was still able to accommodate us.

We only waited about five minutes to be seated which I thought was a very short time considering how late we were. 


Even if we’d had to wait, I wouldn’t have minded.

trail's end wooden benches in waiting area

Trail’s End has a decent waiting area.

Jenna Clark

One of the great things about this restaurant is that there are several benches available to sit on while you wait for your table.

I dined here for breakfast, but I know this area outside of the two restaurants can get pretty crowded at dinner time with guests who are waiting to sit at either restaurant.

Our table was surrounded by lots of interesting decor.

trail's end vintage western inspired wall decor on wood panels

The walls were packed with vintage-looking memorabilia.

Jenna Clark

I was impressed by how decorative the area surrounding our table was. 

Disney definitely nailed the decor at this restaurant and I thought it positively added to the overall dining experience. 

The decor reminded me of a cabin.

animal head on wood paneling

I felt like I was in a cozy cabin.

Jenna Clark

My party took a few minutes to walk around the restaurant and take in all of the decorations.

The wood-paneled walls in each dining room were covered in decor, from animal heads to old snow shoes. 

Breakfast began with a pastry basket for the table.

a basket of pastries at trail's end

Our pastry basket came with strawberry-honey butter.

Jenna Clark

The all-you-care-to-enjoy menu was filled with classic breakfast favorites, and first we got a pastry basket. 

Filled with mini muffins, sticky buns, whole grain and butter croissants, the basket was my favorite part of the meal.  

I really enjoyed the strawberry-honey butter that came in it, too. I thought it complimented all the pastries well, especially the butter croissants. 

We ordered a second basket of pastries since they were so delicious.


Next our server brought a strawberry-yogurt parfait with berry granola for the table.

strawberry yogurt parfait in square bowl at trail's end

The portion was for the whole table.

Jenna Clark

Although I thought the portion provided was on the smaller side, the yogurt was really delicious and the berries tasted fresh. 

I especially liked the raspberries.

The main breakfast skillet consisted of pecan-smoked brisket and eggs, Mickey-shaped waffles, bacon, sausage, cheesy potato casserole, and syrup.

sausage, eggs, and mickey waffles in a metal container at trail's end

We were able to get more of whatever we wanted.

Jenna Clark

I don’t eat eggs or bacon, so I can’t comment on those, but I thought the rest of the food on the skillet was really delicious. 

The Mickey waffles were soft which is not always the case at some restaurants.

We ended up asking for more waffles and we got a ton.

the writer holding a tray of mickey waffles at trail's end

We hadn’t expected to get so many Mickey-shaped waffles.

Jenna Clark

Although the original skillet only came with four waffles and there were three people in my party, we were able to ask for more so we could each have at least two. 

It was definitely a magical moment when our server came back to the table and handed me a plate of about 10 Mickey-shaped waffles.  

We truly did eat all we could.

Trail’s End Restaurant is worth a try next time you’re at Disney World.

the writer in trail's end in front of framed decor

Trail’s End is pretty affordable for the amount of food you can eat.

Jenna Clark

For one adult, with my 10% annual-passholder discount, the bill came out to $22.03. Once I added in the tip, it was $27.03.

I think it’s a pretty good deal considering you can order seconds or even thirds of the dishes you enjoy. 

Although it takes a considerably long time to get to this restaurant compared to other table-service restaurants at resorts such as Ale & Compass at Disney’s Yacht Club or Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, the food was flavorful, our server was very nice, and the experience was fairly priced. 

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