Ripley’s Took Marilyn Dress When It Didn’t Fit at First


  • Kim Kardashian said that the Marilyn Monroe dress didn’t fit over her hips at the first fitting. 
  • Kardashian said that Ripley’s denied her the possibility of wearing the dress at that point. 
  • She eventually lost 16 pounds in three weeks, and successfully fit into the dress. 

Kim Kardashian said that Ripley’s took the Marilyn Monroe dress she eventually wore at the Met Gala away from her when it didn’t fit over her hips the first time that she tried it on. 

On season two, episode seven of ‘The Kardashians,” Kardashian was in the process of trying to secure the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore to sing “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy in 1962.

While Kardashian did eventually wear the dress to the Met Gala in May, she said on the show that its owners, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, denied her the possibility of wearing it at one point in the process.  

“They just pulled the whole thing from me so I can’t even do it, and I’m fuming,” Kardashian said to her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian over lunch in the episode. “I had to try the prototype first and see if that fit, and once it fit they sent the original. And when I went to put it on, it wouldn’t even go up over my hips. And I was just devastated.” 

Controversy erupted after Kardashian wore the dress to the Met Gala, with some alleging that she had damaged the historical garment by wearing it. However, a video emerged that proved the dress had been damaged before Kardashian wore it.

Both she and Ripley’s also denied that she had damaged the garment. 

In a clip from the dress try-on session, Kardashian said that she would “try everything” and attempt to drop 10 pounds to be able to fit in the dress.

She told her sisters at lunch that she wrote Ripley’s a “groveling, begging email,” but that they were “very firm” in their refusal, citing concerns about insurance for the dress.

Eventually, as Kardashian told Vogue, she lost 16 pounds in three weeks. When she wore the dress at the Met Gala, she only did so for a matter of minutes and changed into a replica after ascending the stairs at the event, Vogue reported. 

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