Sam Heughan Was Left ‘Hurt’ by Richard Madden Snub


  • Sam Heughan was left feeling “hurt” after not being recognized by Richard Madden at an event.
  • Heughan recounted the story in his recently released memoir, “Waypoints: My Scottish Journey.”
  • “He hadn’t recognized me even though we’d met a few times,” the “Outlander” star wrote.

Sam Heughan has a legion of fans all over the world thanks to his role as Jamie Fraser on the hit Starz drama, “Outlander.” However, it turns out that the actor was once left feeling “hurt” after not being recognized by his fellow Scottish star, Richard Madden, at an event.

In his recently released memoir, “Waypoints: My Scottish Journey,” Heughan recounted how he took up work as a waiter when he failed to find acting jobs after graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, formerly the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, in 2003. 

Madden graduated from the same drama school in 2007, and the two had not only previously met but had several mutual friends and connections, including Heughan’s former girlfriend, who had lived in Madden’s Glasgow apartment.

At an event hosted at London’s V&A Museum, the two actors found themselves in two very different positions; while Madden — who had begun starring on “Game of Thrones” at the time — was one of the guests in attendance, Heughan was mixing and serving drinks.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser on "Outlander" season 1.

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser on “Outlander” season 1.


Heughan recalled: “I’d been tasked with holding a tray of the guests’ drinks while they nipped out for a puff, and I was gossiping with a colleague when I looked up and saw Richard Madden walking over to place his gin and tonic on my tray.”

Heughan went on to write that he was about to greet Madden when he realized that Madden hadn’t remembered him.

“The words caught in my throat. He hadn’t recognized me, even though we had met a few times. My ex-girlfriend had lived in his Glasgow apartment,” Heughan wrote.

While Heughan didn’t reveal what year the encounter took place, given that “Game of Thrones” began airing in 2011 and Heughan did not land his role on “Outlander” until two years later, it appears likely that it happened sometime in either 2011 or 2012.

Heughan — whose film credits include “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and “SAS: Red Notice” — said he doesn’t have any ill feelings towards Madden for failing to recognize him but that it left him feeling “hurt” nonetheless.

“It wasn’t Richard’s fault, he’s the loveliest fellow and we’ve met since, but the fact that he was my peer and I wanted to be on the other side of the serving tray hurt,” he continued. “The whole time, I just gripped tightly to the tray, my knuckles turning white, hoping the ground would swallow me up.”

Heughan wrote that afterward, he immediately “headed for the closest exist” as he was left feeling “ashamed and embarrassed.” Reflecting on it, he acknowledged that the experience made him “more resolved” to continue with his acting career.

Elsewhere in his memoir, which was released on October 25, Heughan opened up about a scene early on”Outlander” that left him feeling betrayed by the show’s creative team.

Insider has contacted Madden’s representatives for comment.

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