Scottish Dishes Everyone Should Try, According to a Chef


A full Scottish breakfast will set you up for the day.

toast, black pudidng, a fried egg, mushrooms, a tomato slice, sausage and bacon on a plate

A full Scottish is similar to a full English.


The brunch staple can be found in most hotels, pubs, and cafes. 

Haggis is less common in a full Scottish, but expect a plate loaded with streaky bacon, sausage links, a slab of square Lorne sausage, fried eggs, mushrooms, tomato, “tattie” scone, baked beans, and black or white pudding. 

White pudding is just an oatmeal-heavy sausage, but black pudding (also known as boudin noir) has pigs’ blood. It’s peppery, nutty, and delicious.

Black pudding also often appears as an appetizer with apples or scallops, as stuffing, or as a layer in Scotch eggs.

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